Van Island; Little Qualicum Falls Park.

A friend of mine, who lives on the island here, recommended we go check out a waterfall called Little Qualicum Falls. Located inland of Qualicum Beach, the falls is along the Little Qualicum River. You are treated with stunning views of a series of both cascade and chute water falls, flowing through the river gorge. … Continue reading Van Island; Little Qualicum Falls Park.

Hiking Rock Dunder.

One of my favourite hikes in Ontario is Rock Dunder! Along with the Scarborough Cathedral Bluffs, it was on my list of hikes to complete before moving out of Ontario. I also ranked Rock Dunder #3 on my "8 Best Hikes in Ontario". Located on Stanley Lash Lane, just off Hwy 15, the Rock Dunder … Continue reading Hiking Rock Dunder.

Hiking the Scarborough Bluffs.

Want to see turquoise blue waters from incredible heights, without leaving Ontario or even the GTA? Then find yourself at the Scarborough Bluffs. There are a number of different locations to admire the 65m tall clay attractions, stretching over 14km of Lake Ontario shore. I will advise you, this is not a place to bring … Continue reading Hiking the Scarborough Bluffs.

My Top 3 Travel Destinations on Prince Edward Island.

My family may have first settled on the red dirt island six generations ago, but I still enjoy being a tourist when I visit. Three of my favourite places to sight-see are; Cabot Beach Provincial Park, Cavendish - Prince Edward Island National Park, and Point Prim Lighthouse. As a youth, Cabot Beach Provincial Park was … Continue reading My Top 3 Travel Destinations on Prince Edward Island.

Uncovering my family heritage on Prince Edward Island.

Famous for its red sandy shores, red farmers fields, and "the dirt shirt". My Mothers family spent 5 generations on this beautiful island, surrounded by sea. When I was younger, my family made frequent trips to PEI to visit family. It was made sure that we never forgot what and who we came from. Most … Continue reading Uncovering my family heritage on Prince Edward Island.

Ferris Provincial Park.

For today's adventure, I take you to Ferris Provincial Park. Located on the East side of the Trent River in Campbellford Ontario. Fun Fact: Ferris Park was Crown Land until 1839, and in 1892 the Ferris family purchased the land. In 1960, the family donated the land to be used as public trails, and in … Continue reading Ferris Provincial Park.

The river between Cordova Lake and Belmont Lake.

I woke with a thirst for adventure. Someone had mentioned to me about a river north of Cordova, that had some cool rapids and waterfalls. I had to check this out! As soon as I stepped out of the car on the side of Fire Route 18, I could hear the roar of the water! … Continue reading The river between Cordova Lake and Belmont Lake.

The Mighty Marmoraton Mine & Shanick.

I am in the cute little cottage town of Marmora-and-Lake, visiting friends. I used to spend my summers in this town with friends all the time; fishing, boating, drinking, bbq’s, fires, tubing, hiking, and exploring. I’m in such a happy place here with all my old friends, I decided to do some exploring! My first … Continue reading The Mighty Marmoraton Mine & Shanick.

Macaulay Mountain Conservation Area 

Since I am soon leaving the Central and Southern Ontario regions.. I decided I must visit as many locations as I possibly can! You would be surprised how many conservation areas you can find by simply opening your maps app and typing in "conservation area". I want to see as much of this beautiful province … Continue reading Macaulay Mountain Conservation Area