My 8 Best Hikes in Ontario, Canada.

Obviously I am from Ontario, but never thought about highlighting my home province! So here's to Ontario, the second largest province in Canada. We gave you the telephone, basketball, and Wayne Gretzky. The most populated province, and the most extreme weather diversity (+35C in summer, and -45C in winter). Famous for Toronto, which is NOT … Continue reading My 8 Best Hikes in Ontario, Canada.

Spelunking the Warsaw Caves.

I've always enjoyed exploring in caves and climbing around in underground tunnels. There were plenty of trails for this along the Bruce back when I lived in Simcoe County. Since moving to Northumberland County, I caught wind of a conservation area north of Peterborough called the Warsaw Caves. So Kiefer and I packed our bags, … Continue reading Spelunking the Warsaw Caves.

Hiking Rock Dunder.

One of my favourite hikes in Ontario is Rock Dunder! Along with the Scarborough Cathedral Bluffs, it was on my list of hikes to complete before moving out of Ontario. I also ranked Rock Dunder #3 on my "8 Best Hikes in Ontario". Located on Stanley Lash Lane, just off Hwy 15, the Rock Dunder … Continue reading Hiking Rock Dunder.

Hiking the Scarborough Bluffs.

Want to see turquoise blue waters from incredible heights, without leaving Ontario or even the GTA? Then find yourself at the Scarborough Bluffs. There are a number of different locations to admire the 65m tall clay attractions, stretching over 14km of Lake Ontario shore. I will advise you, this is not a place to bring … Continue reading Hiking the Scarborough Bluffs.

Road Trip to Algonquin Provincial Park.

If you have grown up in Ontario, or any of our neighbouring states, you may know of Algonquin Park. It is a Provincial Park, in the perfectly preserved wilderness of Northern Ontario. Located four hours north west of Ottawa and four and a half hours north of Toronto. Fun Fact: Algonquin Park is the third … Continue reading Road Trip to Algonquin Provincial Park.

Ferris Provincial Park.

For today's adventure, I take you to Ferris Provincial Park. Located on the East side of the Trent River in Campbellford Ontario. Fun Fact: Ferris Park was Crown Land until 1839, and in 1892 the Ferris family purchased the land. In 1960, the family donated the land to be used as public trails, and in … Continue reading Ferris Provincial Park.

The river between Cordova Lake and Belmont Lake.

I woke with a thirst for adventure. Someone had mentioned to me about a river north of Cordova, that had some cool rapids and waterfalls. I had to check this out! As soon as I stepped out of the car on the side of Fire Route 18, I could hear the roar of the water! … Continue reading The river between Cordova Lake and Belmont Lake.

The Mighty Marmoraton Mine & Shanick.

I am in the cute little cottage town of Marmora-and-Lake, visiting friends. I used to spend my summers in this town with friends all the time; fishing, boating, drinking, bbq’s, fires, tubing, hiking, and exploring. I’m in such a happy place here with all my old friends, I decided to do some exploring! My first … Continue reading The Mighty Marmoraton Mine & Shanick.

Macaulay Mountain Conservation Area 

Since I am soon leaving the Central and Southern Ontario regions.. I decided I must visit as many locations as I possibly can! You would be surprised how many conservation areas you can find by simply opening your maps app and typing in "conservation area". I want to see as much of this beautiful province … Continue reading Macaulay Mountain Conservation Area 

Feeling Nostalgic.

Since I am not new to the hiking game, but I am new to the blogging game.. I though I would reminisce about some of my past ventures. I have been a lot of places in Southern Ontario, mainly the Bruce Trail along the stunning Niagara Escarpment. I am currently exploring the trails of Central … Continue reading Feeling Nostalgic.