Van Island; Little Qualicum Falls Park.

A friend of mine, who lives on the island here, recommended we go check out a waterfall called Little Qualicum Falls. Located inland of Qualicum Beach, the falls is along the Little Qualicum River. You are treated with stunning views of a series of both cascade and chute water falls, flowing through the river gorge. … Continue reading Van Island; Little Qualicum Falls Park.

My 8 Best Hikes in Ontario, Canada.

Obviously I am from Ontario, but never thought about highlighting my home province! So here's to Ontario, the second largest province in Canada. We gave you the telephone, basketball, and Wayne Gretzky. The most populated province, and the most extreme weather diversity (+35C in summer, and -45C in winter). Famous for Toronto, which is NOT … Continue reading My 8 Best Hikes in Ontario, Canada.

How Drinking Black Coffee Makes You Healthier!

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love my coffee. My parents have always tried to deter me from enjoying the marvellous beverage so frequently, considering most load their coffees with sugar and fattening creams. Recently I have decided to switch to drinking simple ole black coffee. With my parents accusations of negative effects … Continue reading How Drinking Black Coffee Makes You Healthier!

Spelunking the Warsaw Caves.

I've always enjoyed exploring in caves and climbing around in underground tunnels. There were plenty of trails for this along the Bruce back when I lived in Simcoe County. Since moving to Northumberland County, I caught wind of a conservation area north of Peterborough called the Warsaw Caves. So Kiefer and I packed our bags, … Continue reading Spelunking the Warsaw Caves.

Hiking Rock Dunder.

One of my favourite hikes in Ontario is Rock Dunder! Along with the Scarborough Cathedral Bluffs, it was on my list of hikes to complete before moving out of Ontario. I also ranked Rock Dunder #3 on my "8 Best Hikes in Ontario". Located on Stanley Lash Lane, just off Hwy 15, the Rock Dunder … Continue reading Hiking Rock Dunder.

How to camp Algonquin Provincial Park.

Recently Kiefer and I camped Algonquin Provincial Park for the first time, we decided to cram almost everything into our 2 days there. Kayaking, canoeing, fishing, campfires, drinks, gourmet cooking, swimming, star gazing, and an almost death by black flies. Check out Road trip to Algonquin first! Waking up at 6:30 am to the sun illuminating … Continue reading How to camp Algonquin Provincial Park.

150 Canadian Adventures in 2017!

I have a goal of accomplishing 150 Canadian adventures to celebrate Canada 150! Here is my list so far: Hike Sager Conservation Area, ON Hike O'Hara Mills Conservation Area, ON Sight-See Lake on the Mountain Provincial Park, ON Hike Goodrich Loomis Conservation Area, ON Sight-See Niagara Falls and the Great Gorge, ON Hike Albion Falls … Continue reading 150 Canadian Adventures in 2017!